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SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Online video and video search is hot. You've probably seen all the rumors on the Internet on sites like youtube, blinkx, etc … With this, bloggers have been writing messages on recording videos, how to upload videos to these sites, etc … However, few have provided information about how to achieve these seen and discovered videos. Here comes Video SEO.

To have a successful search engine optimization video, you must have knowledge of some key technical aspects involving online video and search.

Keyword research is important for search engine optimization video. However, there are some fundamental differences in the methods to be used for keyword terms video research. In order to meet its target audience to see their videos, it is important to carry out first research on keywords and compile a list of keywords. This list can be obtained by some simple searches for a product or related service. There are not yet any tool keyword research specifically for video. Note that searches video at this point tend to be shorter keywords, no searches for "long tail". In addition, more than anything, your keyword list should have the word "video" in it. Examples – car video, car video, video racing, automotive videos, etc ….

Once you are done with this, the next step is to look through the best video search platforms having the higher overall performance of views, ratings, and latency. The only way to measure your success is to view count.

Well, as you know with the keyword research is an ongoing process. It is important to pay attention to the views, comments and links to existing related videos to find terms related keywords that may have missed in your initial keyword list.

Make sure when video to video search sites that allow users to comment on your videos added. Videos that allow users to comment tend to be much more traffic. In addition, users who comment and provide feedback are most often users leading to a conversion.

If you can do this, it is always best to choose a theme video that is not saturated in terms of competition out there. For example, a video about Tom Cruise is likely to be very difficult to optimize as there are thousands of results for that search.

Nobody is wanting to watch videos on long and boring. Shoot or create short clips from your longer version of the video. This will make it more interesting and crisper video. People mostly like to watch short clips online ranging from 1-3 minutes, as they are short and takes less time to download.

Finally, make sure you take advantage of the fact that you can rate your video with a logo watermark, text of the URL and additional information to get users to your website or business. One of the main points for video SEO is to get users back to your destination.

So if you want to succeed in the race of mad frenzy search engine optimization, optimization search engine video is an amazing way back to get exposure, and you have the opportunity right now to get on the ground floor.



In order to increase your rankings in search engines, get backlinks is important. But getting links from other sites could be difficult. Here are 2 creative ways you can try to get more backlinks.

Start a Community of Websites
One of the easiest ways to get backlinks is to start other websites and have them linked to yours. Blogs are a great way to get traffic because there is no cost, provide free traffic, and easily search the entire blogging community. I have seen several other websites that target a younger audience even using myspace as a source of traffic and backlinks. And the list goes on and on for other quick sites you can start with a good amount of traffic.

Email campaigns
Some people are hesitant to do so because they think no one was going to go to your site, even if the email is opened, or have absolutely no idea who to email a letter of promotion. While the person who does not have an idea of your audience can easily solve this problem, I would say for every website has been updated content that is not gibberish, someone must like it and every email sent out, is probably at least 10% of that email if your target audience precisely opens. Give a little confidence, and note that none of these techniques would get your website blacklisted or has any risk to it, except for wasting your time. But if you have the time to waste, research on which your audience is, get a list of emails of your audience and compile it into an Excel spreadsheet, and start your email campaigns. One person with whom I work has a job site, which gets employers and job seekers together. So all workstations needed jobs, so he started sending an email to a number of colleges and got links for Rutgers, Harvard and other universities around the country. Doing this Google increased its positioning of 02.10 to 06.10. Just keep in mind that 1 email will not do the trick. You need to keep emailing people in your Excel, but change the content of the email every time you do it.

Unless you do not do a good amount of time to spend on getting backlinks, I would not worry about how well they are working their methods. Most of the techniques mentioned above as well as others who can think should give you some increase in traffic that would last a long time, in addition to boosting its position in search engines. These things absorb a lot of time, but the rewards can be high.

SEO Basics

SEO Basics

There are quiet a number of web articles that list suggestions on how to improve a website’s traffic through the use of SEO tactics. From using different tools to marketing strategies, common to all these pages is their emphasis on content. A steady stream of well written articles, interesting pictures and videos keep visitors interested and coming back for more. Good content does not only apply to the composition and informative value of the articles and pages-good content also includes the structuring or laying-out of the pages in a manner that makes it easy for users to find the information they need. A healthy amount of linking to other related pages within the website, a well organized navigation scheme that flows can make the visitor’s experience more enjoyable and can contribute to the popularity of the site.

Another SEO basic that has remained relevant is keyword research. Keyword research is determining the most commonly used words or phrases that users use when searching for the niche your website is designed for. Using some of the most popular search words can increase visibility to search engine spiders that go through your website in search of search words or phrases. Keywords must also be included in the website metadata and the proper HTML tags should be attached to them. It is important to keep note that the insertion of keywords can be overdone. Overuse of keywords in articles can lead to loss of readability and will be penalized by some search engines.

Good content and the proper use of keywords are done from the website, these are called On-page SEO. The other side if this is SEO strategy to bring visitors to your page from other websites. This is called Off-page SEO. The idea is to create as many links to your page as possible- the more links leading to your website from other indexed websites can indicate popularity and this often translates to relevance. A common way to create backlinks is to create posts in public forums or blogs and include a link back to your page. Websites can also use social networks by creating company profiles and posting links to their main websites, today, almost all of the major brands and companies maintain a social network profile.

Search engines may also take into consideration other factors that are not totally related to your site’s contents or design. One of these factors is the website host you use. If a website is hosted by a hosting company that is known for spamming or for hosting pornographic sites, search engines may choose to skip all sites hosted by the company. Speed also counts; a faster web host can create some ranking points for your site.

SEO algorithms can change over time; no algorithm is perfect, it is important for a website developer to keep track on the changes in the rules to continue making their websites visible and popular. Through all the changes, good content and a good use of keywords are the cornerstones of a good SEO approach and will always be a safe place to start when building a website.